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Towards the end of June 2016, I finally accepted the fact that I liked Matt.  I couldn’t deny it any longer.  I liked him so much that I was actually willing to go above and beyond and flirt with him *gasp*.  Flirting was kind of a foreign concept to me since I had never done it before, but I knew he was worth it.  I knew because I had been praying about it all month.  I knew because God told me he was worth it.

My first attempt at flirting was to stare at him awkwardly and then look away whenever he looked at me.  This is clearly not a great way to flirt because if he noticed me staring, then he would probably be freaked out.  But if I was successful at looking away quickly enough, then he wouldn’t have noticed me doing anything which is like the opposite of flirting.  So after that didn’t work, I tried a different route.

I used social media.  This is how socially awkward shy girls flirt.  I knew that he liked RadioU, so I posted about RadioU on my Instagram.Screenshot_20171013-111304 (1)

I sneakily put “#RadioUFacts” so that he would see that I listen to RadioU too.  And he liked my post so I say it was a success.  Since this way of flirting seemed to work for me, I posted more pictures that were geared towards his hobbies.  I knew he liked photography so I posted about my Nikon.  He liked those posts too.  This clearly wasn’t going anywhere.  It was just me posting things and him liking them.  So I tried to get noticed on a different social media platform.

Our young adults group had a chat on GroupMe.  Whenever Matt would say something, I would like his comment and try to respond.  I only talked to him.  I think he caught on because he would begin to initiate conversations with me on there.  One time there were two different conversations going on at once.  Matt and I were talking about American Sign Language (I was taking that class at the time), while the rest of the group was having a completely different discussion.  We were getting closer to finally talking to each other in person, but we weren’t quite there yet…


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