God Has Everything Under Control

Does anyone else love someone so much that you can’t possibly imagine life without them?  And whenever they aren’t with you, you are constantly afraid something bad might happen to them and you will never see them again?  Because I’ve been having that problem for the past couple of weeks.

Every time my husband leaves for work, I have this fear that it might be the last time I will see him.  He might get into a car accident, fall down, or have a sudden health emergency.  Last night he went out to eat with a friend.  I hadn’t heard from him for a few hours and I knew it was most likely because his phone was turned down and he was talking.  Yet I still texted him and asked if he was OK.  40 minutes went by and he still hadn’t responded.  I messaged my friend and told her that I was becoming increasingly more and more nervous about my husband’s safety.

He told me that she understands where I was coming from, but being anxious won’t resolve anything.  It’ll just make matters worse.  I needed to focus on what I know.  What I knew at the time was that my husband went to dinner with his friend.  That was all.  She advised that I say a prayer and trust that God has everything under control and it is all in His hands.  I did so and after praying Matt called me.  He was on his way home and had his phone turned down so he didn’t see my message until then.  I was so happy to hear his voice!

I still get anxious every time he leaves me.  But I’ve been saying prayers more frequently and that definitely helps.  I just need to remember that God truly has everything under control and I need to put my absolute faith in Him. 🙂


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