Wedding planning had begun.  It was such a stressful season.  Trying to find a venue and vendors who were available in 6 months was excruciatingly difficult.  Everyone was already booked until the fall.  There was one easy part to wedding planning, however, and that was deciding who my bridesmaids were going to be.

Sara Pharazyn

Sara and I became close friends in middle school.  We went to a church camp with my other friend, Katie (we will get to her later).  At the camp, this boy came up to us holding a Star Wars blanket and said, “my mommy made this for me”.  It was super random yet hilarious for some reason.  That is my first memory I have with Sara and we both bring it up all the time.  She became part of my friend group called “Tribrids”.  The Tribrids are a few of my favorite people and pretty much my only friends I feel comfortable enough around to be my self.


Jessica Silber

Jessica and I have a funny history.  We met in girl scouts when we were in elementary school, but we never spoke.  I was way too shy to talk to anyone except Katie.  I stopped doing girl scouts in middle school and I didn’t see Jessica again until high school.  Sophomore year Jessica sat with me and Katie for lunch everyday.  Whenever Katie got to lunch late, Jessica and I would sit there in silence until Katie arrived.  It was incredibly awkward.  It wasn’t until second semester of sophomore year when we finally talked to each other.  We chose to work with each other on a project.  I went to her house and I must have been hyped up on caffeine or something because I was bouncing off the walls!  I was completely myself, which was a side Jessica had never seen before, and she loved it!  We clicked immediately after that!  We had so many fun memories after that.  Some of my favorites are from calculus.  We were crazy in that class.  We made a tombstone for macoroni and cheese, learned the Greek alphabet, and made the most cringe-worthy parody music video for our calculus teacher.  She and I are probably the most crazy of the Tribrids.


Kristina Mason

Kristina and I have gone to the same school ever since 4th grade, but we haven’t become friends until college.  I had trouble making friends my freshman year in college because I’m so shy.  I didn’t talk to anyone in class and I didn’t get involved in anything.  Kristina changed that.  She and I had a class together our freshman year.  It was refreshing to see a familiar face in college.  She approached me one day and mentioned starting up a psychology club.  I was completely on board with that idea!  We started that club and the rotoract club together.  She invited me to hang out with her friends.  We had a lot of fun together.  She is the one who invited me to Genoa which is where I met Matthew.  She is the one who lead me to meet my husband. Now she is engaged and I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding!  I am so excited!!


Brittany Stevens

Brittany is my step-sister.  She is my step-dad’s daughter.  We are about as opposite from someone as you can get!  She’s tan, I’m pale.  She has dark brown hair and brown eyes, I have red hair and blue eyes.  She is one of the most outgoing people I know, I’m an introvert with social anxiety.  She wants to travel the world before settling down, I want to settle down before traveling the world.  Yet, despite all of our differences, we still manage to have a great time together.  I love her to pieces and I wouldn’t want anyone else to fill the role of my step-sister.


Scarlett Walker

Scarlett is my oldest sister.  We have the same dad, but different moms.  She actually got married early this year in May! I got to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and it was so much fun!  Scarlett is definitely someone I look up to.   She and I have so much fun together.  Some of my favorite memories are when she and I are at my dad’s at the same time.  That happens very rarely now 🙁 but when she moves back to Ohio from Florida, it’ll happen more frequently and I can’t wait!  I love her husband, Cory, and I’m so glad she found someone as great as him to spend the rest of her life with.


Katie Longtine (Maid of Honor)

Katie and I were in 4th grade when we met.  We were the new kids in school so our teacher told us to talk to each other at recess.  Katie talked. And talked.  And talked.  I however, hardly said a peep.  It was probably a few months until I started talking to her and I’m just so thankful that Katie was stubborn and stayed by my side that whole time.  We became inseparable.  People would ask us if we were twins because we had the same interests, same quirks, both socially awkward, and we never left each other’s side.  Katie and I have been best friends for 11 years and will be for many more.  No one could have done a better job as my maid of honor.  Katie put her all in everything she did for me.  She put together the most beautiful bridal shower and bachelorette party.  Her maid of honor speech made me cry.  She kept me calm when planning got too stressful.  She lives in another state now but we still talk to each other every day.  We encourage each other and make one another laugh.  She is one of my favorite people.  She is also the final member of Tribrids.  The best friend group ever.



Me hugging Katie after her MOH speech





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