My Wedding Day | Part 1

My wedding was on August 5th, 2017.  It was a gorgeous day.  Sunny with a slight breeze and the high was 75.  That morning started off like any regular morning.  It didn’t feel like my wedding day was finally here.  Katie stayed the night and we went to the gas station for coffee.  I was in my pajamas and I remember thinking, “None of these people realize it’s my wedding day.  I look like a regular lazy girl in her pj’s. I wonder how many ‘regular’ people I have run into before on their big day, or any special day for that matter…”  It’s a crazy thing to think about.  So many people doing their own things and going about their own lives.  So many different thoughts and goals…but I digress.

The first bridesmaid to show up was Brittany.  She got me a Venti Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks (which I drank after drinking 16oz of gas station coffee).  The second one to show up was Scarlett.  She did my hair and it turned out amazing!


My hair after Scarlett worked her magic.

Jessica and Sara arrived together, and finally Kristina arrived last.  They all got ready at my mom’s house.  Her house was only 10 minutes from the venue.  My venue was Dorral Farms in Marysville, Ohio.  It was perfect.  I had always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding with a barn and that’s exactly what Dorral was.

I decided to do my own makeup for the wedding.  I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup.  I try to look as natural as possible.  I usually stick with foundation and mascara, but for the wedding I added some blush and eye shadow.  After we were all done getting ready, we headed over to Dorral.  We got to the venue by 4 pm.  The ceremony starts at 5:30 pm.

The ceremony was outside and the reception was inside the barn.  All of the reception decorations were set up.  Again, it was exactly how I imagined it would be and couldn’t have been more perfect.



Succulents were our favors.


We decorated each table with midnight blue and gold mason jars, baby’s breath and eucalyptus, and a table number.


This was the desert table.  My cousins made all of the cookies.  The cake in the back was mine and Matt’s.


These are the seating charts.


This was the appetizer table.


Whoever had the most money in their jar, bride or groom, had to get cake in their face. (I won and didn’t have to get caked!)

36731403320_c86158c85d_o (1).jpg

Our guestbook was a Bible.  Guests highlighted their favorite verse and signed their name by it.


* All photos were taken by Sweet Williams Photography 

My photographer arrived early and took some detailed shots of my accessories and dress.  She couldn’t take many pictures of me because I was hiding from Matt.  We hadn’t talked or seen each other all day.


My bouquet was made out of clay.  That way I can keep it forever.  I threw one of my bridesmaid’s bouquets.


My engagement ring and wedding band.  I went with a simple band because my engagement ring was already so beautiful that I didn’t want to add to it.


Here is a detailed shot of my wedding dress.


These are the shoes I wore for the ceremony.  I changed into flats for the reception.

The photographer was also able to capture my parents’ “first looks”.  The first time they saw me in my wedding dress.


I’m getting ready to see my parents’ reactions.

37390171225_1eeb55539f_o (1).jpg

My mom sees me for the first time.


My dad sees me for the first time. ( I was his second daughter to get married this year)

36992317810_f4e1742471_o (1).jpg

My parents may be divorced but they will always put their differences aside for me. 🙂

36992313950_06a675d8e8_o (1).jpg

My dad’s tie was childhood pictures of me.  “Father of the Bride”.

After detail shots and first looks (and me consuming a whole box of Altoids) it was finally time for the ceremony to begin.




  1. October 25, 2017 / 9:57 pm

    You looked absolutely amazing!!! I hope you enjoyed every moment of your wedding day!!!!

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