My Wedding Day | Part 2

It was time for the ceremony.  I was standing behind a door outside so that Matthew couldn’t see me.  I still couldn’t believe the day had finally come!  I was standing next to my dad, flower girls, and ring bearer.  One flower girl was my little sister Renni.  She was 6.  The other girl was my soon-to-be niece, Matt’s sister’s daughter, Lexi.  She was 7.  The ring bearer was Lexi’s little brother Lane.  He was 5.


Lexi (left), Lane (middle), and Renni (right). Photo by Curt Sagraves

First the grandparents walked down the aisle.  Papa and Alice are Matt’s grandparents.  Matt’s grandma died several years ago and Papa got remarried to Miss Alice.  They are the sweetest couple.  Grandma Sally walked next.  She was escorted by her grandson/my brother, Talent. Grandma Sally is my step-mom’s mom.  Her husband, Grandpa Carty, passed away last year.  We miss him so much and I’m just glad grandma was able to enjoy the wedding and could walk down the aisle.  The last set of grandparents to walk were Nonni and Poppi.  Yes, that is what they go by.  It means grandma and grandpa in Italian.  They are my mom’s parents and two of my favorite people.  I love them.  Nonni always tells me I am her “mini me”.

After the grandparents were seated, it was time for the parents.  Scott and Anne Thomas were next.  They are Matthew’s parents.  They have done so much for our wedding.  I am blessed to be able to call them my parents too.  They gave us so much and continue to give to us.  It is obvious that they care about their family and children and will do anything they can to make them happy.  My step-mom walked next.  Her name is Alicia but I call her Mamalish.  That has been her name from me since I was little.  I felt uncomfortable calling her mom, but I also didn’t like calling her by her first name, so I morphed to two.  She was escorted by Talent since my dad was with me.  Finally, my mom, Julie, and step-dad, Jeff, walked down together.  They paid for almost the whole wedding!  They contributed so much to our big day that I will forever be thankful!! Matthew and I have so many wonderful people in our lives!


My mom could totally pass as a model! Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Once the parents were seated, the bridal party began their descent down the aisle.  I already talked about my girls in a previous post so I will just mention who they walked with.  The first to walk were Sara Pharazyn and Brett Thomas.  Brett is Matt’s younger brother who is getting married this weekend!!!  The second to walk were Jessica Silber and Scott Thomas Jr.  Scott is Matt’s older brother and is currently in Antarctica operating heavy machinery.  Next were Kristina Mason and Kade Boyer.  Kade has been one of Matt’s closest friends since he was in primary school.  Then Brittany Stevens and Jake Thomas walked.  Jake is Matt’s cousin, friend, and co-worker.  He’s pretty great and I’m glad Matt has someone like him to look up to.  Scarlett Walker and Matt Herringer walked next.  Matt H. is Matt’s brother-in-law.  He is a great guy and someone else I’m glad Matt can look up to.  Finally, Katie Longtine and Kyle Pellington, the maid of honor and best man walked.  Kyle has been friends with Matt since the beginning of 2016.  They hit it off right away.  They went to the same Bible study and shared deep things with each other and now they have an incredibly deep bond.  Their friendship is wonderful and Kyle is an awesome person to have as a friend.


Here is a goofy picture of all the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

37107101015_d483fa8473_o (1).jpg

The groomsmen carrying Matthew.  Kade, Kyle, Scott, Matt H., Jake, and Brett. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

The last people to go before me were the flower girls and ring bearer.  I couldn’t have picked a cuter group of kids!


Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Ring box. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

It was finally my turn to walk.  I gripped my dad’s arm because I was terrified of tripping.  My dress wasn’t hemmed so I kept stepping on it.  I looked up and saw Matthew at the end of the aisle.  I immediately had the biggest smile!  He had tears in his eyes.  It was so precious and honestly my favorite part about the whole wedding!  It shows how much he loves me and cares about me!  He cried throughout the whole ceremony.  It made my heart feel so warm and full! I didn’t even notice out friends and families sitting in the audience.  All I saw was my Matthew…

Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Matthew sees me for the first time. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

I had to hold my dress up because it was too long. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

The ceremony was short and sweet.  Pastor Matt Page was our officiant.  He is the youth pastor at our church and also a good friend.  He opened with a word of prayer.  After he spoke for a bit, we read our vows.  I will make a separate post on what our vows said.  I loved his vows and it made me tear up.  He is so sweet and precious.  After our vows, we gave each other our rings.  Then we braided three cords as our symbol of unity.  The braiding of three cords was inspired by the Bible verse, “A cord of three strands cannot be easily broken. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12”.  After that was finished, Matt Page spoke again and then it was time to be pronounced for the first time as “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas!”

Matthew made the cross behind Matt Page all by himself! Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Matthew reading his vows. I was tearing up a bit. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Me reading my vows to Matthew. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Exchange of rings.  Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Unity. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Matt and I braiding cross. Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

You may kiss the bride! Photo by Sweet Williams Photography

We are married! Photo by Sweet Williams Photography


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