My Wedding Night | Rated PG

Before I begin this post I just want to clarify that this is only about the set-up Matthew had awaiting for me that night.  It will be completely PG, I promise.

Our wedding went by so fast.  It was a complete blur.  My dentist gave me this advice and I highly recommend doing this: Talk about what happened once it’s over.  Talk about all of the wedding details with your spouse while you’re leaving the reception and you’re on your way to your next destination.  It’s is so good to talk about it while it is still fresh in your mind and it makes it easier to remember down the road.

After our wedding, Matthew took me to the Hilton Hotel in Polaris.  He lead me to our room and stopped me at the door.

“Wait here for a few minutes.  I need to do some last minute things.”  He quickly went inside the room and shut the door.

A few minutes later he opened to door and let me in.  The lights were off and there were lit candles all over.  There were rose petals on the floor and laid out in the shape of a heart on the bed.  Inside the heart of roses, there was a cute framed photo of us, a bag full of dark chocolate, and a bottle of wine.


It was so incredibly romantic.  I couldn’t believe he set that all up for me!  It was perfect!  I am obsessed with dark chocolate and wine.  And I am obsessed with my Matthew.

The end of the night was extra special because it was the first time we got to fall asleep in bed next to each other.  We were able to stay together the whole night and neither of us had to “go back home”.


The next morning I woke up not believing any of it actually happened because it was all too good to be true…

But then I looked over and saw my Matthew sleeping next to me.  And then I knew it was real.  And perfect.



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