Saving the Nation and Birthday Celebrations

Hi all!  This weekend was crazy busy, so I haven’t been able to blog for a few days.  But it was filled with lots of blog-worthy fun!

On Saturday I went to an escape room for the first time!  Me, Matthew, and some of our friends did one in Mansfield.  We had so much fun!  I don’t want to give anything away just in case someone who reads this is planning on doing that room, but we all had a great time and I would love to do another one in the future.

The theme of our room was the oval office.  We were CIA agents who had to disarm a bomb and find a code to turn off the missiles that were set to launch into the US.  We managed to complete both tasks and escape the room in 56 minutes (they give us an hour to get out or else we fail)!


We made it with only 4 minutes to spare!

Overall, it was a blast and I highly recommend doing one!

After the escape room we all had pizza and then went home.  Matthew and I watched several episodes of Friends (we are obsessed with that show!  I have seen the whole series almost 4 times now and this is Matthew’s first time watching it!) and ate some of my late Aunt Robin’s meatloaf.  It is my all time favorite meatloaf recipe and I’ll probably write a post about how to make it sometime.

Question: Who is your favorite Friends character and why?  Matthew and I both LOVE Chandler.  He is hilarious!  

Sunday morning, Matthew and I went to church and then I left with all the girls on Matthew’s side of the family (my sisters-in-law, mother-in-law, nieces, and nephew) and we went to Abuelo’s in Easton for lunch.  We were celebrating my and Abra’s birthdays. Her birthday was towards the end of October and mine is this Saturday (I’ll be 21!!).


The food was amazing.

After eating we got to open our gifts and I am so excited to share what I got!  Anne, Matt’s mom, gave me a candle that smells like pancakes because pancakes are my favorite food.  I love that candle so much, it smells amazing!  She also gave me a Christmas sweater that has a huge gold bow on the front and it looks like a present! (I will have posts about pancakes and sweaters under my obsession category because I. Am. Obsessed.).

Carli, Matt’s older sister, got me the CUTEST coffee mug.  It’s adorable because it is wearing an actual ugly sweater!!!  My new favorite mug. <3  She also gave me a notebook filled with 300 writing prompts so I can use those prompts as inspiration for future blog posts.


I am so thankful for my new wonderful family.  I love them all and I am blessed to have them in my life.

After Abuelo’s, we went to Kirkland’s.  I wanted everything in that store.  But mostly I just wanted all of the clocks (another “obsession” worthy post)!  I took pictures of them because since I can’t have one right now, I can still look at them at least haha.

Finally we went to T.J. Maxx and I bought adorable “sugar” and “tea” containers.  They make my kitchen look more complete. 🙂

The whole weekend was just so much fun and I can’t wait to celebrate my real birthday with my mom and husband this Saturday!





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