27 Sweaters till Christmas!

Hi all!  I realized a few days ago that I have more sweaters than there are days until Christmas, so I thought wouldn’t it be fun to wear one everyday until Christmas???

That was when there were 27 days.  Now, of course, there are 25 days!  I’ve worn sweaters for the past three days and I’m still going strong!  I am documenting my progress on Instagram.

I love sweaters.  They are extremely comfy (unless they’re itchy…) and they are so much fun to accessorize!

I am going to make a series of blog posts on my sweaters under the category “27 Sweaters Til Christmas”.  I’m excited for this, I love sweaters so much and talking about them is just as great!

My first sweater was from Goodwill (you’ll notice that most of my sweaters are from Goodwill.  They just have the BEST sweaters to choose from).  It has a really cute pattern around the neck and shoulders that a few people have told me reminds them of Charlie Brown.  I wore dark blue jeans with it and matched a brown Noah’s Ark necklace with my brown boots.


please disregard my CRAZY natural hair, thanks

My second sweater had cardinals on it!!!! It might be my favorite sweater that I own to be honest…I love cardinals.  They are my favorite bird (I usually don’t count ducks as my favorite bird because they are already my favorite animal).  The sweater has cardinals on branches so it is filled with red, brown, and green.  I wore it with a green tank top and a black scarf with gold sparkles.  I also wore a gold headband.  Finally I wore black boots and black boot-socks to pull the whole outfit together.


The sweater I wore yesterday was a simple green one.  There were no designs on it and it is actually not from Goodwill! *gasp*  But it is incredibly comfy and I love it.  I wore a long gold necklace that has two green gems with it.  I also wore brown boots with brown sweater boot-socks to stay with the earthy color look.


I think I’m going to stick with posting 3 sweaters at a time.  I’m excited to talk about the outfit I am wearing today though, I think it’s so cute!  I hope you all are having a wonderful start to December!  There was frost on the ground this morning and it looked gorgeous outside!  I am so hopeful that there’ll be snow this year.  Keeping my fingers crossed!




  1. December 2, 2017 / 2:34 pm

    My favorite part of the colder months is being able to wear sweaters! I look forward to seeing the rest of you sweaters!!! This was a very cute idea!!

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