Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

I got married last August and one of the most stressful things about planning for the wedding was staying within my budget.

My mom and step-dad paid for $10,000 of the wedding and my dad and step-mom pitched in an extra $1,000 (they just paid for my older sister’s wedding in May so money was very tight.  I am just thankful and blessed that they were able to help out.)

My then fiance and I wanted to stay within that budget.  I paid for the flowers, decorations, and other little things.  My parents paid for the dress, venue, caterer, photographer, DJ, and cake.


Tip #1: Make a list and prioritize what is most important to you

Before I bought anything I made a list of everything I would like for the wedding.  The most important things on the list were my venue and dress.  I had a very clear picture in mind for what I wanted those to look like, so I dealt with spending on those two things first.

Once I had those out of the way, everything else on my list were things that I didn’t need to match my “dream wedding” picture.  I could work with the other items and change them to fit the budget.


Tip#2: Three to five venue options

The venue is where the whole wedding will be taking place, so you want it to be good.  You want to have a few options so that you are not settling.  But you don’t want too many options because that would take you longer to decide and you don’t have that much time before the wedding.  Now, good is very objective.  My sister got married at a vineyard and the reception was in a barn.  It was small, the ground was wood and dirt, and it was all open to the outside, and she loved it!  (It was absolutely gorgeous!)


Walker Wedding 2017 at Porter Central Vineyard and Barn.  Photos by Jessica Love Photography.

My cousin got married in a catholic church.  They then had their reception in a building.  It was incredibly elegant and a complete contrast to my sister’s, but it was also beautiful.


Balzano Wedding 2017.  Photo uploaded by Vinny Balzano.

My husband’s brother got married at his parent’s house!  They have a lot of land and a pond.  The venue was stunning!  It was a chilly outdoor wedding in mid-October, but it was lovely and wonderful!


Thomas Wedding 2017.  Photos by Fuller Photographic, LLC.

My venue was at Dorral Farms.  It was an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception.  The reception was inside a building that looked a little like a barn from the outside.  It was my dream venue!  Everything about it was perfect for me!


Thomas Wedding 2017 at Dorral Farms.  Photos taken by Sweet Williams Photography.

All of these venues were perfect for each and every one of us. 🙂


Tip #3: DIY

Many aspects of my wedding were DIY.  I put the bridesmaids’ bouquets together, I brought chalkboards to make signs.  My husband and I painted all of our mason jars that we bought from Goodwill (another tip: go to Goodwill!).  Here are a few DIY ideas:


Tip #4: Fake Flowers

For my wedding, I used fake flowers.  The centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres were all fake babies breath.  My bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere were both fake succulents.

Overall, some fake flowers can look very similar to the real thing.  They are also cheaper and you can keep them forever.  I still have my bouquet and my husband’s boutonniere.

Photos taken by Sweet Williams Photography.


Tip #5: Small cake

I found out that buying a small cake for just the bride and groom, and several sheet cakes for the guests, goes a very long way!  We saved a couple hundred dollars from doing that!  Another idea is using cupcakes for the guests.

People aren’t coming to the wedding for the cake.  If they are, then they don’t even deserve cake!


Tip #6: Get all the help you can

I didn’t need the caterer to make me any desserts for my wedding because all of my cousins stepped up and made cookies for us!  We had several dozen cookies!  And I didn’t have to pay to get my hair done because my talented sister did it for me!

Find friends and family members who are more then willing to help you out, it truly goes a long way with saving money!

Photos taken by Sweet Williams Photography.


I hope these tips are helpful to those of you who are engaged!

With Love,




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