Shirt Turned Into A Dress!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I am so glad it’s the weekend.  School was crazy this week!

I am excited for this post because this is my first official Fashion Friday since I’ve updated my blog!! 😀  Today’s look features another great Goodwill find. And of course more maroon!


My husband and I went to Goodwill last Saturday and I found this shirt.  It was an extra large but I tried it on anyway because it was super soft and I love maroon.  It fit just like a dress!!  It was so pretty (and only $4) so I just had to get it!

Since the shirt is so large, it makes me look pretty “boxy”.  Kinda of like a rectangle.  But putting on a belt fixed that problem!  The belt was previously attached to another shirt that I donated a long time ago because it no longer fit me, but I detached the belt and kept it for outfits like this!

It is seriously the softest shirt and can totally be used as a nightgown!  The tag says it’s from Forever 21 but I doubt they still have it.

***Fashion Tips: Buy two sizes above your normal size to turn shirts like this into a dress!  I do this a lot and LOVE how it looks!  The sleeves are a little long, but other than that, it fits great!  Also, if you don’t already have one, buy a belt for your waist!  Just adding this little accessory to a dress can make a huge difference!***

With Love,

Quiet Girl


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