Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!!

It’s crazy to me that this is only my second time ever celebrating this holiday and this year it’s with my husband!

He surprised me on Monday by showing up at our front door all dressed up, roses in his hand, and chocolates in the other.  I was completely caught off guard!  He then took me to Bucca di Beppo and we had an amazing night.  He even wrote me the sweetest card!  He decided that going out on Monday would be far less chaotic than going out today and he was so right!  Bucca di Beppo was practically empty!

Tonight we are just going to make a delicious dinner and have lots of cuddles.  It will be a chill night. 🙂

Here are some pins I found on Pinterest that gave me all the Valentine’s Day feels!






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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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