Pinterest Wedding VS Real Wedding

Hi everyone! Who else is excited that the week is halfway over?!

Today’s Pinspiration Wednesday is going to be a little different. I will be comparing the wedding board I had on Pinterest to my actual wedding! I saw someone else do something similar on their blog and I completely forget who it was! So if you, or anyone you know, has done a blog similar to this please mention them in the comments! I will love to check out their post even if it isn’t the one I got inspiration from! 🙂

Personal Appearance…

I originally wanted an up-do. However, my hair wasn’t long enough and I was worried my hair might come undone during the reception so I decided to go the less stressful route and have it partially up. It was perfect and I didn’t have to worry about it all night.

The dress on the left was my dream dress for the longest time. It was the only dress I liked on Pinterest. Off the shoulder and lace were the perfect combo. However, I would have had to buy the dress online and the website seemed a little sketchy. So I went to David’s Bridal and what do you know??? I found an even better version of the dress I wanted! It was poofier, longer, had shorter sleeves which was perfect for August, and had little silver beads on it! I consider myself to be very lucky that I managed to find and wear my dream dress for my wedding. 🙂


I originally wanted a barn venue. Matthew and I only had 6 months to find a place. When we couldn’t find one in the first month, I broadened my options. That was when we visited Dorral Farms. I immediately fell in love! The venue was gorgeous! Outside was stunning! The venue I chose relieved a lot of stress. I had the option to get married inside if the weather was bad. It was air conditioned. And it already looked so elegant and beautiful inside that I didn’t have to worry too much about decorations.


We bought a large print Bible and used that as the guest book. Some people highlighted hilarious verses!

I was so happy with how our seating charts turned out. Making a seating chart was one of the most difficult things to do for the wedding. But once it was done, I was so happy with how it all turned out!

I had my ushers (little brothers) pass out the program fans. It was an August wedding so I thought this was a great idea!

I am succulent obsessed so it was fitting to have these little green guys as our party favors!

Such an inexpensive, easy, and elegant decoration.

My husband built this all by himself. He also built the cross that was behind us during the ceremony. This was our version of the “unity candle”. It is something we can keep forever. 🙂

This was our honeymoon fund idea. We had labeled jars next to the sign. Fun fact: I asked Matt who lost, he said he did so he got the cake to the face. Later I found out that my jar actually had more money (someone put a $100 bill in there!) and that means I should have been caked. Matthew claimed he thought it was whoever received less money but later admitted that he didn’t want to mess up my makeup. Such a sweetheart!!

I am so happy with how the cake turned out! It had real succulents on it! My husband and I got this cake and the guests all had different flavored sheet cakes to choose from. Saved us lots of money and we were able to get more cakes that way!

My husband and I made all of our center pieces by ourselves. I love how they turned out.


I used fake flowers for the boutonniere and bouquet. I wanted them to be things we can keep forever.

My bouquet was so dainty and elegant. It is made out of clay and I have it proudly displayed in my apartment. 🙂

Wedding Party…

My adorable flower girls got to wear the dress I pinned. And look at how cute my nephew is!!!!

My gorgeous bridesmaids also got to wear the dress I had pinned. 🙂

My wedding may not have been “pinterest perfect” but it was perfect to me and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 🙂

With Love,

Quiet Girl


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