DIY Drawer Dividers

Happy PI day!!! 3.14 (2018)

I got creative a few days ago and did a little DIY project for my bra and underwear drawer!

That drawer always got crazy messy.  My biggest struggle was that sometimes my comfy underwear that I prefer to wear everyday would get shoved to the back and I wouldn’t be able to find them or think they were all dirty and I would have to wear my uncomfy underwear.  (I went to American Eagle with my mom and she was convinced I was a size small and told me to buy all the small underwear.  Well turns out I am a medium so now that underwear is incredibly uncomfortably tight.  Also, I bought underwear from Kroger and it is forever my favorite #noshame).

I wanted dividers for my underwear drawer to separate my comfy vs uncomfy underwear and to have a nice spot for my bras.




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After getting some ideas from Pinterest, I decided to tackle this problem by building my own drawer organizer.


I grabbed two old cereal boxes, tape, and scissors.  I then cut the boxes into cardboard strips.  I taped a few strips together to make it more sturdy.  Then I taped the strips down in my drawer and created three separated areas for my intimates.


Overall, it was a very quick and easy project that cost me no money. 🙂


With Love,

Quiet Girl


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