Exciting News…

Matthew and I have officially started our search for a house!  This is our first time ever going through this process so we have been pretty stressed lately, but we are also incredibly excited!

What we want in a house…

  • near the freeway so I can get to work in under an hour.
  • a garage.
  • something that isn’t in a neighborhood.
  • a fixer upper.
  • and a basement.

Ultimately, we want a place we can happily live in for about 5 years and have enough room for a kid or two.  We want to build equity into the house, fix it up cosmetically, and sell it once we are done.  Then we want to buy land and build a house.

This whole house hunting process has got my creative home decor juices flowing!  I want gray interior.  I love gray.  I love neutrals!  Gray, blue, white, and brown are what I want in a house.  Earthy, inviting, and open feeling.  Here’s some inspo I found on Pinterest:


I want antique furniture, this look is a little too modern for me.  But I love all the different grays!  I was afraid it would look too boring, but I actually really love this look!


Another look that is a little too modern…however I do love that couch! And the grays!!!


I am OBSESSED with this bathroom!


Beautiful kitchen!


This is what we will be doing in our first home!  I am so excited for all of the before and after photos I will get to show you guys!

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With Love,

Quiet Girl


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