Rainy Spring Days…




Denim Jacket: similar one here and here | Sweater: similar one here | Jeggings: Kohl’s | Boots: similar here

It’s been rainy all week! As much as I love the rain, I really do miss that nice warm sunshine.

These boots are my go-to when it is wet and yucky outside. They are water proof and very fashionable too! This denim jacket is really cute for spring. I have to admit, there is one fashion trend I never got behind: denim on denim. I did not think I would like this look at all. However, I realized that it’s matching denim on denim that I don’t like. If they are different shades of blue, I love it! (I know, I’m weird). The pink sweater I am wearing underneath the jacket was from Goodwill.

I am super excited to show you guys my Easter look! It was another Goodwill find and it’s so pretty! But you’ll have to wait until Sunday to see it. 😀



Yesterday Matthew and I looked at a house. The location was perfect. It was over 3,000 square feet. It had 1.7 acres of land. It was huge! We could already see ourselves living in it…until we went inside.

It was disgusting. I couldn’t stand being in there! Trash everywhere, carpets stained to the point where you don’t even know what the original color was supposed to be, mouse poop, old food in the fridge, mold, and more. It was horrible. And the basement was completely flooded. The garage had sidestepping on the wall from settling which is not a good sign (it could possibly collapse). The layout of the house was awkward. To get to the master bedroom, you have to walk through another bedroom. And the master bath was in that other bedroom and not even close to being finished! The only other full bath was downstairs and far away from the master bedroom.

Overall, we decided to keep this house on the back burner. It has so much potential to build a lot of equity into it. But it will take hundreds of hours worth of work and we aren’t sure we want to do that. It is also so gross that I won’t even consider living in it until it has received a deep clean!

I will keep you guys updated on our house hunting journey, but as of right now, it looks like this house was a no go.

Hope you all have a wonder Easter!

Quiet Girl


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