Buying a House…

I have heard that buying a house is such a long process.  I thought that just meant it took a while to close on a house after making an offer…But that is only a small portion of the whole process.

The Process Begins…

Matthew and I began our house-hunt at the beginning of March.  We met with our realtor, told him what we were looking for, and after a few days we had our budget all figured out.

Then the actual search for a house began.  This is the step we are still in at the moment.  Over a month later and we have only looked at one house.  That house was nasty.  It was at one step before the foreclosing process so no one had been living there since last June.  It had garbage and mouse poop inside.  It looked disgusting.  There were also many issue that came with that house, such as a flooded basement and the fact that it went through a whole winter without any electricity.

It is definitely a seller’s market right now.  Houses are only on the market for about 7 days before someone makes an offer.  We are struggling to find anything in our price range.

What we want in a house (updated):

  • near the freeway so I can get to work in under an hour.
  • a garage.
  • something that isn’t in a neighborhood.
  • a fixer upper.
  • and a basement.

We had to modify a few things as we have realized there aren’t many options on the market right now.  We figured that we can build a garage to build some equity.  And a basement isn’t necessary for a 5 year home.

Why we are kind of in a hurry:

  1. Rent.  We don’t like paying rent.  It is throwing money away that we will never have the chance of getting back.
  2. No Storage.  Literally not enough room to store things in our apartment.
  3. No Babies.  Again, we have limited space in our apartment and are going to put off having kids until after we move.
  4. Saving Money.  We are saving money like crazy for a house.  Once we get a house, we can relax and go on dates and have some fun.
  5. Credit Score.  Our realtor made an inquiry on our credit scores when he was calculating our loan.  After 90 days, he will have to make another inquiry which will hurt our credit.

We are looking that those are the main reasons why we want a house.  They aren’t anything terrible and stuff we can deal with for a long time.  It would just be nice to find a home soon so we don’t have to deal with any of those things.


We finally found another home online that we like.  We will visit it soon but it is such a nice place that it probably won’t be on the market for long.  We just need to remember to remain content and to trust God’s timing because it is perfect! 

I am just so excited to finally be able to decorate my very own home!  It will be filled with grays and antiques!

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With Love,

Quiet Girl


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