The House Hunt Continues…


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Those of you who have been following my blog may know that Matthew and I are searching for a house to live in.  We are currently living in a 630 sq. ft. one bedroom apartment.  We want to house so that we no longer have to pay rent, we can have kids and it not be too crowded, and we can finally spend money on projects and trips instead of saving up for a house.

We visited a house last Thursday.  At this point, I was already feeling defeated.  Every house we looked at was either too much work for us to handle or it was gone before we could even consider making an offer.  So I was not too confident when we went to the town home built in 1901 last week.

As soon as we walked inside, all of that changed.  I was in LOVE.  The house was adorable.  Just over 1,500 sq. ft. and had so much history.  I could totally see us raising a family there.  Matthew had the same thoughts.  The house already had an offer, possibly two offers, so we decided to make an offer that night.

That house was a hot commodity, so we had to come on strong.  We went $7,000 over the asking price with an acceleration clause that stated we will beat any offer by $500 up to $9,000 over asking price.  We even wrote the seller a letter stating how excited we were to live in her beautiful home.  Our offer was up by 3:30pm Friday.

Friday.  3:30 came and went.  Our offer wasn’t accepted.

The news took awhile to hit me.  I was so sure that we would live in that house that I simply didn’t believe it was over.  When I finally processed the sad news I was overcome with grief.  Matthew came home and we comforted each other.  We were both devastated.

I didn’t understand why we didn’t get the house.  We prayed for that house.  So did our friends and family.  It was our house!  We are supposed to live there!  I was so heart broken and defeated.

Then I realized something.  We have been praying during this whole house hunting journey.  And our prayers always went something like this: Lord, please guide us to a house you want for us and one that will be good for us.  If we find a house we want but it isn’t what you want for us, please don’t let us get it.  We wanted this house, but we didn’t get it.  That means God has something else in mind for us.  We don’t know what it is, but I am at peace with not getting that house now because I know it is not what God wanted for us.

I just continually remind myself of everything I am blessed with.  I am blessed to have a place to live.  I am blessed to even have the ability to buy a house.  God may want us to stay in an apartment for a few more years, or he may have a house for us in the next month.  We just need to stay patient and content and thankful for what the Lord has already blessed us with.



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