Tips on Purging Your Clothes…

I am one of those people who struggles with getting rid of clothes.  It might be something that I haven’t worn in five years but I know that when I get rid of it, I’ll want to wear it (obviously very unlikely but I still struggle with this haha!).

So when it comes to getting rid of clothes, I came up with a few rules I have to follow.

Closet Purging Tips:

  1. If I haven’t worn it in over a year, DONATE.
  2. If I don’t like the fabric or it makes me itchy, DONATE.
  3. If it is too small, DONATE.
  4. If you simply don’t like it, DONATE.
  5. If it has holes in places I don’t want, PITCH.
  6. If it has a stain, PITCH.
  7. If it is broken, such as broken strap or zipper, PITCH.
  8. Before you get rid of anything, try it on just to make sure you don’t want it.  You may have forgotten you bought something which is why you didn’t wear it and it actually looks cute on you.  Or you may be able to transform it into something else.

I followed these rules last week when I purged my closet and had two trash bags filled with clothes/shoes to donate and one trash bag full of items to throw away.  Now that’s what I call a successful purge!

I have so much more closet space now and it’s refreshing to look in my closet and have it be full of items I actually enjoy wearing.  I highly recommend purging your closet if it is getting too cluttered.  It is so rewarding!




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