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Happy Monday, everyone!  Sorry I haven’t been as active on the blog lately.  I needed a small break.  I was sick all last week and a few other things going on in my life have been very discouraging.

Monday evening I suddenly broke out in a fever of 101.9.  My back hurt extremely bad and I was in agony.  I couldn’t sleep due to the pain.  Tuesday I went to the doctor.  She said “your urine is pristine” so that ruled out a kidney infection or UTI.  She concluded that it was a nasty stomach bug and my back pain was unrelated to the fever.  (I have slight scoliosis and Matt and I have been going on a lot of walks lately so that is most likely where my back pain is coming from).  I went home and rested…until I threw up.  My stomach hurt so bad.  I couldn’t keep any food inside me for three days.  I lost 5 pounds and was extremely weak and fatigued.  I even hallucinated!  It was an awful three days.  On the night of the third day, I had lots of people praying for me.  And the next morning I was 100% healthy again (besides being fatigued and hungry)!  God is SO good!!  I was even able to go to one of my best friend’s bachelorette party later that day!  I thank God so much for my health.

I didn’t blog while I was sick.  I just rested the whole time.  I didn’t want to do anything for I was so fatigued.  I had also lost motivation.  We were going to look at a house last weekend, a house that we were very excited to look at, but they weren’t scheduling any showings yet.  They said they would contact our realtor when they were.  Well, that never happened and now the house is in contract.  We were going to look at another house Tuesday, but I was sick.  Now that house is in contract.  Nothing stays on the market for more than 5 days unless it has something wrong with it.  This house hunt is very discouraging and I am so tempted to just give up.  But I know that God has a plan for us and that living in a house actually owning where we live will be so worth all of this hassle in the end.

I am also struggling with finding a full-time job.  I currently work part-time at my school.  I make more than minimum wage, which is nice, but I am not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week.   I am trying to find a job in the field of psychology, preferable a psychiatric technician position.  However, I need “experience” and I don’t have any because nowhere will hire me to give me the experience I need to be hired… It’s a struggle to find a job.  Another thing I know will be worth all of this hassle, it’s just so hard to see that right now.

Today I am finally feeling energetic and inspired.  I have a lot of ideas for future blog posts.  I am excited to show you guys what’s coming!  Here’s a tentative sneak peek of possible future blog posts: “Ways to Have A Classy/Appropriate Bachelorette Party”, “Dresses to Wear as a Wedding Guest”, “Different Ways to Style a T-Shirt Dress”, “Ways to Dress Up Overalls”…

With Love,

Quiet Girl


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