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Today is Friday.  Which means it is officially the end of the week and beginning of a long weekend.  The weekend before Memorial Day is always a huge one for yard sales.  Just driving to work this morning I saw so many signs out advertising all the sales!  Matthew and I decided to go to some yard sales this weekend and try to find items for our house! (If we ever get a house… check out our house hunting struggle here.)

Yard sales can be pretty overwhelming.  You might see something you love at the first house.  But if you buy it, you will be spending the majority of your money at the first house and you still have 20 more houses to go!  What if you find something better at the other houses?  Here are some tips in order to avoid this kind of dilemma…

Yard Sale Tips:

1) Make a list.

Write down everything you want to look for before you check out the yard sales.  That way, if you see a beautiful floor length mirror, but you really need a desk, you can set that mirror aside and stay focused only on the items on your list.  Only go off of your list if it is a deal too good to pass up and you KNOW you won’t regret spending the money on that item instead of a list item.

2) Limit yourself on the cash you have.

Bring enough cash for list items.  Yard sales are perfect for buying heavily discounted furniture.  If that’s what you want, refrain from buying anything else.  Give yourself just enough cash to buy what you truly want.

3) Satisficing vs Maximizing.

A satisficer is someone who sees something they like that meets their needs and they buy it without looking forward.  A maximizer is someone who will see the same thing, but will keep looking until they have exhausted all of their options so they can truly know if they got the best deal or best item out there.  A satisficer is usually happier with their purchase.  They like their item.  It is good for them.  They are satisfied.  A maximizer is not.  No item is perfect.  They might buy something and see how another item could be better.  That will never be happy with their purchase and they simply spend too much time trying to find the best thing out there.  If you find a desk that you like, looks good, sturdy, meets all of your needs for a desk, then buy it!  Don’t set it aside and look at all of the other 20 houses first.  You will be happy and satisfied if you buy that first desk.

4) Just have fun.

Don’t stress about finding everything on your list.  It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t.  You don’t truly need the items on it, they would just be very beneficial to have.  Just go into the sale with a thankful heart and have fun.


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