Summer Fun on a Budget…

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far!  This summer has been crazy for me.  Not quite as crazy as last year’s summer where I was planning for my wedding the whole time, but it’s close!  As you may already know, Matthew and I are trying to buy a house.  We found one that we love and are putting an offer in!  We will find out if our offer is accepted later today!!  That being said, buying a house cost A LOT of money.  Matthew and I want to have fun this summer but we can’t spend that much because buying a house is already financially stressful enough.  I was feeling pretty bummed that we couldn’t go anywhere “fun” for our anniversary.  But then Matthew reminded me that it isn’t about where we go, all that matters is that we are celebrating together.  Seriously if we just stayed home and had a fancy homemade candlelit dinner and played classy music, I would be having the best time of my life because I’d be spending it with my husband.  However, we actually managed to find a way to go on vacation even on our tight budget and I am so excited to announce where we are going!  It is seriously one of my favorite places to go!! Read all the way to the end of the blog to find out our anniversary destination.

Summer Fun on a Budget:

Explore your state:

I live in Ohio and most people think of Ohio as a pretty boring state.  However, there is so much you can do here!  Did you know that Ohio has a national park?  And it is free to visit!  Go to state parks that are near you and hike or have a picnic.  It is so much fun to just get outside and experience new things!

Here are a few pictures I took at the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio:

DSC_0243 (1).jpgDSC_0311 (1).jpgDSC_0459 (1).jpgDSC_0482 (1).jpgDSC_0591 (1).jpg

Budget friendly bucket list:

Matthew and I have made a list of all of the more well-known waterfalls in Ohio and turned that into our budget friendly bucket list!  Every waterfall on our list (there are 25) are free to visit.  If we pack our lunches in a cooler, the only thing we have to pay for is gas.  Try to come up with a bucket list for places to visit in your state!

Here are all of the waterfalls we have visited so far (we take a selfie in front of each one):



This is what Matthew and I are using to be able to go on vacation this year!!  We are so excited!  I just downloaded the Airbnb app and looked at different places to stay near where we want to, which is Lake Michigan!!  Michigan is seriously one of my favorite places to go.  I have been there several times and fall in love every time!  The lake is gorgeous!  We will be staying at an Airbnb right on Crystal Lake, and that name is very fitting because the lake looks stunning!  It is 10 minutes away from Lake Michigan, and less than an hour away from Traverse City and the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  I have been to all of those places but Matthew hasn’t and I am super excited for him to experience the state’s beauty for the first time!  Just look at pictures of Traverse City, I mean it is stunning *drools*.   Most hotels and places to stay near that area were around $200 a night.  Matt and I were not comfortable spending over $600 just for sleeping on our trip when we will be spending thousands of dollars on a house.  That’s when I looked into Airbnb.  It is only $84 a night! (Plus taxes and cleaning fees which makes it about $100 a night which is still 50% cheaper than any hotel!)  The couple who lives there has outstanding reviews.  Matt and I will get our own bedroom with a king size bed, a Jacuzzi tub in the bedroom, and our own bathroom.  We will also have a beautiful view of the lake from our room!  I am just so excited to celebrate my one year anniversary in such a beautiful state!


*If you use my link for the Airbnb, I will get credit if you sign up using my referral and go on a trip of $75 or more.  And after you sign up, you can refer some of your friends and get credit too!

**This post is not sponsored.  I am just a fan of the Airbnb app.  🙂




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