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After three short months of dating, Matthew and I had already started talking about getting married.  He was clever and brought up the ring his, now, sister-in-law wanted before she got engaged (Matt’s younger brother proposed to her shortly after we had gotten engaged).

So here we were, looking at engagement rings online.  And I noticed that those suckers are expensive!!

As we were looking through the site, I found two that I liked:

Screenshot (47)Screenshot (46)

I noticed a theme for the rings I liked: they had a twist in the band and three main diamonds.  I wanted something unique.  I like to be different, but not too different.  Unique but not flashy.

When Matthew went to Kay, all of the rings were extremely pricey and none of them were good enough to him.  Eventually an employee took him over to the “used” section of the store.  All of the rings there were heavily discounted because they had been used.  That was where he found my ring.  The perfect ring for me.  It had the twist and the three main diamonds.  It was unique but not crazy or gaudy.  I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to pick out the absolute perfect ring for me.

34900786790_6aac6c476e_o (1).jpg36315481393_5882752d4e_o.jpg36986737061_33601b5dda_o (2).jpg

I’m not going to tell you how much he spent on the ring, because it doesn’t matter how expensive the ring is.  All that matters is that the one you love is who gave it to you.  What I will tell you, however, is that Matthew only spent half of the price this ring was originally because it was previously owned.  He got this beauty for 50% off AND it is perfect!!! 

He was nervous about telling me it was used, but I wasn’t upset in the slightest bit.  It has been completely refurbished and looks brand new!

If you and a loved one have been talking about getting married and you think a proposal may be in the future, I highly recommend suggesting this little tip about the used section of the store.  It is limited, so you may not get as lucky as me, but it is definitely worth a shot!!

With love,

Quiet Girl


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