How to Make Moving Less Stressful…

This month will most likely be the last month I am living in the apartment.  It is crazy to think about that!  I am going to miss our little apartment filled with so many memories, noisy neighbors (especially the one that yells for her cat Tina at the top of her lungs every night), people who steal our parking spots, the smell of animal pee every time we enter the apartment, and telling all visitors to keep their voices down and walk quietly because we are on the second floor.  While living here, dealing with those issues were extremely annoying, but I know that I will miss this place dearly when we leave.  Last night Matthew and I had a teary realization that our time in our little home is coming to an end.

We had just finished Parks and Recreation and I said,  “It’s like our own season is coming to an end”.

Then Matthew replied, “The season of life.”

We then proceeded to crack up because it sounds like we are separating and then dying, but we still knew what each other meant.  Our season at our first home is coming to an end and our next life journey is beginning.

The whole process of moving stresses me out immensely.  I get extremely overwhelmed thinking of all the things we need to pack and unpack, having to clean the house and apartment, taking apart the furniture and putting it back together, I want to pull my hair out just thinking about it!  However, I’ve come up with a system on how to make moving a little more bearable…

1) Lists. (especially convenient for a fixer-upper).

We have a list for what we want to do to the house before we move in, as soon as possible after we move in, and long-term goals.  We also made a list for renovations to the inside of the house and a separate one for renovations to the outside of the house.  We made a list of things we will need to buy early on, and what we will buy later.

2) Label.

Label each box with the items that are packed inside.  Keep like items together.  One box should have items inside it for just one room, not both bathroom and kitchen.  This makes packing and unpacking much simpler.  And helps to keep everything organized and accounted for.

3) Have Fun.

Moving means that you are starting a new adventure in a new home!  That is exciting!  Think about it as a fun task.  And you get to start over and re-decorate how you see fit!  That is super exciting!  The apartment was the first time I had all my own furniture and space to decorate however I wanted.  I like how everything turned out, but my style has changed and I’m extremely excited to start over in this new house that is three times the size of our apartment.  I’m also excited to document this fun journey!


One season may be ending, but another one is beginning and that is truly worth celebrating!  I can’t wait to show you all the before and after pictures of our new house over the years.

With Love,

Quiet Girl



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