Progress on the House…

We are so excited about this house that even though we don’t have the keys yet, we went to the At Home store in Polaris for some great home decor inspiration.  I love that store!  So many wonderful, budget friendly finds!  I wore a white tee with a sports bra underneath because we were planning on going on a walk, but it rained.  It still looks like a pretty cute outfit though!

As we are moving forward on the home buying process, Matthew and I are keeping notes on what we will need to do to our little fixer-upper.  The inspection was completed last week and this is what we were told: there are a few shingles missing, two blocks on the foundation are loose, there is a water leak where the washer and dryer hookups are, the furnace filter needs replaced, the water filter is not set up, and there’s a little bit of damage here and there around the house.

This news wasn’t scary to us because we have always wanted a fixer-upper.  And, honestly, compared to most fixer-uppers this is nothing!  We asked the sellers to fix the water leak and blocks in the foundation.  They agreed to do that for us so at least we don’t have to worry about those things.

We have 6 lists on what to do to the house once we live there: things to do before we move in, things to do asap after we move in, things to buy for inside the house, things to cosmetically change inside the house, things to buy for outside the house, and things to cosmetically change for outside the house.

The two lists we are focusing on now are:


  • Hook up the water filter.
  • Vacuum.
  • Dust/clean kitchen cabinets.
  • Clean bathroom. (the water has not been running for a while in this house so the pipes are a little rusty.  the water has made everything pink and the toilet looks brown.  we are hoping that we can get it all cleaned up before we move in).
  • Buy a fridge.


  • Change filter on furnace.
  • Buy a water softener.
  • Buy items for guest bath.
  • Buy a bigger trash can.
  • Buy a lawn mower.
  • Buy a pantry.
  • Buy a wood burning stove. (this is because the house uses electric heating.  electric heating is very expensive and we will be saving a fortune if we use a wood burning stove instead).
  • Buy an entertainment center.
  • Buy a coffee table.
  • Buy end tables.
  • Buy a desk.

In an ideal world, we would complete the second list before fall.  However, due to budget restrictions and just overall being busy, that most likely will not happen.  I will be searching out the most budget friendly ways we can complete this list and keep you all updated on our journey.  I am SO excited to tackle this project.  I have always wanted a fixer-upper.  And this house is the perfect fixer-upper for two people who have never lived in one before and are on a budget.

Thank you for following along on this journey with us!

With love,

Quiet Girl



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