Becoming a Morning Person…

Mornings are my least favorite time of day.  I am definitely a night owl.  I’m sluggish all day until the evening comes and then I have a sudden burst of energy.  It can be quite inconvenient when I work during the day and need to sleep at night.  I try to go to bed very early so that I have time to wind down and relax before falling asleep.

A couple of years ago my doctor diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis with a post nasal drip.  That basically means that I am constantly on the verge of a sinus infection.  Every morning I wake up in pain.  My head throbs, nose is swollen and there’s drainage down running down my throat (#glamorous), my throat is very sore, ears are swollen and itchy, and I just feel like my face was hit by a truck.  I think it’s safe to say that this has a big influence on my strong dislike towards mornings.

However, I am tired of being tired.  I want to be lively and productive all day.  I want to enjoy my mornings.  I have tried a few ways to become more productive and energized in the morning and I have finally found a method that works for me.  Although I don’t physically feel good in the mornings, I feel mentally great and that is ultimately all that matters in becoming a productive morning person.


1. Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier Than You Need To.

This gives you the time to do productive things and not be running late for work.

2. Splash Your Face With Cold Water.

This will for sure get you going.

3. Drink A Glass Of Ice Water.

Drinking ice cold water in the morning can give you as much energy as drinking a cup of coffee and it leads to you consuming less for breakfast.  It also hydrates you.  Win win win.

4. Do A Devotional Or Read A Wellness Book.

This gives you a certain mindset for the day.  It gets you thinking and gives motivation.  I am currently reading Present Over Perfect and I can tell that reading that book in the morning lowers my stress and increases my happiness throughout the day.

5. Do Light Exercise. 

Some people do an intense workout in the morning and if you are one of those people, that’s awesome!!!  If I were to do a hardcore workout before work, I would be exhausted and tired all day.  I’ve tried it before and it simply does not work for me.  However, I have recently discovered that going on a short 20 minute walk, or jumping on the elliptical for several minutes has a hugely positive impact on my day.  I feel very productive and more energized after engaging in some light exercise to get my blood flowing.


Me and my mom’s dog, Smores, after our walk. 🙂

After engaging in these 5 simple activities in the morning, I have discovered that mornings don’t have to be so bad after all.  I will admit, I am still not a “morning person” but I no longer dread the morning and I am able to utilize that time of day to make the rest of my day so much better and more productive.

With Love,

Quiet Girl


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