Big News…

In case you couldn’t tell by the title of this post, I HAVE BIG NEWS.

Let’s start from the beginning:

All last week Matthew and I have been talking about getting a dog.  Specifically a french bulldog.  I am obsessed with blue frenchies!!  After doing some extensive research, we have come to find out that frenchies are pricey.  Very very pricey.  We are talking a range from $2,000 to $8,000.  Since their hips are so narrow, the females must be artificially inseminated and give birth via c-section.  This alone causes them to be more expensive than many dogs.  Frenchies also come with a plethora of health problems due to the way they are bred.  Breathing problems are huge issues with french bulldogs.  Regular vet visits are inevitable with these guys.  They usually need surgery in order to open up their nostrils and allow them to breathe.  After learning all of this, we decided to forgo getting a french bulldog for now.  We are not financially ready for one yet.

After scratching the idea of a frenchie, I went to cats.  I am a cat person who happens to love all animals but prefers cats.  Matthew does not like cats.  To be more specific: he hates the way they smell.  I will admit, cats don’t smell the best.  Personally, I think dogs smell worse, but I’m sure I am in the minority with that opinion.  I was trying to convince him to get a cat, but he was not having it.

I just wanted a pet because this will be our first time living on our own out in the country with no close neighbors and if he’s ever out late, I want the company of a pet.  We already decided that the initial cost of a dog will be too expensive, so I was banking on getting a kitty.  Turns out I no longer needed to convince Matthew of getting a kitty because a better option opened up for us…

Two days ago, Matt’s mom texted him asking if we want a golden retriever for FREE.  We both looked at each other in disbelief.  Heck yes we want one!!  We found out that he’s already fixed and has all of his shots, which alleviates all of our financial worries that came with getting a puppy!  We went to the breeder the next day to meet the pup.

And here’s where I will introduce you to Pappi.  A 10 month old english cream golden retriever.  The newest member to the Thomas family.

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The story behind Pappi:

Ten months ago an english cream golden retriever had given birth to a litter of puppies.  The breeder put them up for sale.  The runt of the litter was sold to a loving family, but their son was a menace.  When they arrived at the breeder’s house, the son ran inside and started jumping on the couch with his shoes on!  He was a handful.

The family brought the puppy home and named him Pappi.  He was a good boy.  He grew quickly and had a lot of energy.  He was fixed and given all of his shots.  He was a happy, healthy boy.  He was spoiled at this new home.  He fattened up very quickly due to being fed too much.

Pappi loved everyone in his family except for the little boy.  He was always on edge around the son.  The son would be wild around him.  His “pats” on Pappi’s head were more like hits.  One day, the son was being extra obnoxious around Pappi and he hit Pappi on the head a few times.  Pappi bit the boy.  The boy needed stitches.

The mother decided it would be best to give Pappi back to the breeder.  She was devastated.  She loved that dog.  She didn’t want him to get put down because she truly believed it was completely her son’s fault for the dog’s reaction.  She kept in contact with the breeder and asked for updates on Pappi.  She wanted him to find a good forever home.

Since Pappi bit a child, the breeder decided to give him away for free instead of re-selling him.  The breeder disclosed with us why the dog is free.  When we visited Pappi, we immediately fell in love.  He’s a bit chubby but still so adorable!  He was so good around everyone and was gently playing with the breeder’s other farm animals.  Pappi was jumping around with the baby goat but never touched it or was rough with it.  He walked around the turkey and didn’t instigate it in any way.  He even let the cat walk around him in peace.

Matthew and I can’t wait to bring Pappi to our new house!!  We can’t have him at our apartment so the breeder is keeping him until we can bring him home (fingers crossed that we can close on our house tomorrow!!).  We want to socialize him with children since he has had a rocky past with one.  We will be extra careful, keeping him on his leash the first time he meets one.  After he seems comfortable, we will let him loose and just keep a very close eye on him.

I already love him and can’t wait until he lives with us!!


With Love,

Quiet Girl



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