Empty House Tour…

I am a homeowner now!!!  I still can’t believe it!  This is surreal!

Life has been crazy lately.  I got a dog and a house on the same day.  Moved almost everything into the house over the weekend.  And had 12 people in the house at one point.

We are already starting some home renovations!  The bathrooms did not come with towel hangers or toilet paper holders so we bought those.  We are also currently hooking up the water filter and water softener.  It is so much fun to bring our own styles into this home!!

Before we began unloading our stuff inside, I took a picture of every room in the house while it was still empty.

Front of the House.


Definitely needs some work!  We are going to mow around the house for now.  Not sure when we plan on mowing the rest of the yard.  It is 3.5 acres!  We might flatten the whole yard and then put down grass seed.



We call this guy the “murder shed”.  It is so creepy in there!  The windows and vents are boarded up and sealed.  There are holes in the walls.  There’s a cryptic message that says, “see sound mail him” ???  We are going to gut it and turn it into a garage!  (pretty sure illegal activity took place in there…)



This is what you see as soon as you walk in the front door.  We are keeping the excess carpet there for now while people are carrying in furniture with their shoes on.


This is what the entryway looks like.  I am putting shoe shelves between the door and window.  And I will have a shelf with hooks under it for keys and coats.

Sitting Room.


This room will be the sitting room.  We are putting a couch and love seat in here.  We are going to eventually build a wood burning stove in this room and have the furniture facing it.

Master Bedroom.


The master bedroom is on the other side of the sitting room.  It is very roomy and we are obsessed!!

Master Bathroom.


The master bath is connected to the master bedroom.


It is very big but has an awkward layout.  We are planning on stripping this room down and completely renovating it in a couple of years.


Another angle of the bathroom.

Master Closet.


Pictures just don’t do it justice.  This closet is huge!!!  This is only about 1/3 of the closet.


The other end of the closet.



Kitchen from living room.


Kitchen from entryway.


The kitchen is probably my favorite thing about this house.  It is so central with tons of natural light.


The cabinets have no shelves inside so we can’t store that much right now, but we are planning on putting shelves inside of them soon!


The cabinets are very cheap.  I don’t mind the dark wood, but some of the cabinet doors do not line up properly.  That is something else we will be fixing down the road.

Living Room.


This is the living room.  Where our sectional and TV are going to go.

Guest Bath.


The guest bath is connected to the living room and two spare rooms.


This is the guest bathroom that is right next to the living room.

Spare Bedrooms.


This is one of the spare bedrooms that we will be using as a guest bedroom for now until we have kids.


This room will be the office.  It will have a desk and I will be doing my school work in here.


Both guest rooms have a nice little closet.

Mud Room.


The washer and dryer will go here.


We might make this area our pantry after putting in some shelves.

That’s it!  The new Thomas Household!!  Oh, and Pappi is loving his new home and family!


With Love,

Quiet Girl



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