One Year Anniversary…(part 2)

Favorite Wedding Moments

Looking back on my wedding day, a whole year later, it’s fun to recall my favorite moments.  The whole wedding was filled with wonderful memories, so I’ve decided to limit myself to my top 5 favorite moments from that day.

1. Matthew crying when he saw me for the first time that day as I walked down the aisle.  This was my all time favorite memory of the wedding.  It just shows how overwhelmed he was with love for me.  He didn’t care what anyone thought of him.  It made me feel so incredibly special and loved.


2. Reading our own vows.  This was such an intimate touch to the ceremony.  I loved hearing Matt’s vows in his own words.  We still have them and it will be a tradition for us to read them every year on our anniversary to remind ourselves of the promises we have made to each other.


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3. Saying “I do”.  It was surreal.  We were finally married.  It was such a wonderful feeling, the best feeling I have ever felt.  I couldn’t believe I was finally a wife and my husband was my favorite person.  SURREAL.


4. Our first dance.  This was the first time I cried at our wedding.  I struggle with crying in front of people, but as Matthew held me in his arms and whispered all the reasons why he loves me, I couldn’t contain the tears any longer.  He made me feel like the only other person in the room.  It was such a special moment, as we danced for the first time as husband and wife in a room full of loved ones.

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5. Dancing the night away.  People aren’t kidding when they say dancing is one of the best parts at a wedding.  I loved groovin with all my family and friends!  It was such a fun time and I’m glad everyone got to be involved and enjoy their time!  It felt like such a big party celebration for Matthew and I.

37201837506_daf99ed84f_o (2).jpg36993511550_affa7783b9_o (1).jpg37219680032_6b5dec97e3_o.jpg

Overall, it was the best day of my life.  It was perfect and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  I’m blessed to now be married to the greatest man I know.

End of Part 2.



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