One Year Anniversary… (part 3)

Married Life

Being married is better than I ever could have imagined.  You and your spouse become ONE.  You never have to go through anything alone again.  You will always have a teammate by your side in anything you do.

People kept warning me that the first couple years of marriage are the hardest.  But I’m sitting here thinking, “how can it get any better than this!?”  It really does not need to be hard.  Matthew and I are STILL lovey dovey mushy gushy all over each other.  And here’s why:

  1. We Communicate.  Tell each other EVERYTHING.
  2. We (try to) Pray Every Night.  I’ll admit, this one is a little hard to consistently do, but we try our best.
  3. We Keep God First.  God is the center of our lives, our decision making, and in everything we do.  It keeps us grounded and fills us with an abundance of love for each other.
  4. We Fight.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We fight.  The healthy kind of fight.  Screaming at each other is never good, but having heated discussions is.  It ultimately leads to both of us realizing we were wrong in some way.  It keeps us humble.  Less prideful.  Allows us to apologize and forgive each other.  Gives us room to grow.  Brings us closer to one another.
  5. We Go On Dates Regularly.  Whether it’s a hike, a picnic, going out to eat, going to the movies, we still date each other even though we are married.  It keeps life interesting and brings us closer together.
  6. We Make Time For Each Other.  It is easy for me to come home and nap.  Or to watch vlogs all evening.  It is easy for Matthew to come home from work and play video games all evening.  And we do do that every so often because it’s nice for that time to do what you want by yourself.  But most of the time we do something together.  We ask each other about their day and spend quality time together before doing our own things.
  7. We Do Things For Each Other Without Being Asked.  Some mornings I wake up to the smell of pancakes and breakfast already made for me.  Sometimes Matt gives me a $100 bill and says, “go wild”.  Sometimes I take out the trash even though that is typically something Matt does.  Other times I give Matthew a massage just to be sweet.
  8. We Realize That Love Is an Action, Not Just a Feeling.  We don’t do all of those things listed above because we “feel like it”.  Those things don’t come naturally.  It is far easier to sit at home all day doing our own things, but we do the things listed above because we CHOOSE to.  We choose to love each other more and more everyday.  We care deeply for each other and don’t want to hurt one another.  We want to be the best spouse we can for the one we love most.  And in order to do that, we must swallow our pride, admit when we are wrong, and do things we may not necessarily want to do but go through with it anyway because it will make our spouse happy.

Choosing to marry Matthew was the best decision I have ever made.  I love him more and more everyday.  I love going through life with him by my side.  He has shaped me into a better version of myself.  He challenges me to take chances.  He encourages me to do my best.  He is the love of my life and I am forever thankful that he is my husband.

Happy One Year Anniversary, Honey Bunny.  I love you.


With Love,

Quiet Girl


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