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Hello Everyone!  Sorry for the long hiatus, this month has been crazy busy!  I started a new job two weeks ago and school started last week.  I am taking 5 classes and working 2 jobs!!  Let’s just say I had NO time to blog.  All of my free time was spent either decorating the house, cooking dinner, doing homework, or playing with Pappi.

That being said, I finally have a small break in my schedule!  I am almost done training for my new job and once that is finished, I will have much more free time.

This post will be the beginning of a “Before and After” series of my house.  We have almost everything unpacked and placed where we want it in each room.  I wanted to share what every room in the house looks like now before we do any renovations or buy any more home decor.  Some of these rooms will have drastic changes and I am so excited to see the progress through pictures!


Our Bedroom:


Bedding: Bed Bath and Beyond | Gray Pillows: TJ Maxx | Relax Pillow: CVS


Fan: Walmart | Lotion: Bath and Bodyworks | Lamp: Goodwill | Ring Holder: Bed Bath and Beyond



Cactus Jewelry Holder: Big Lots


Picture Frames: Dollar Tree | Prints: Walmart


Matthew made this for our wedding.  This was our unity piece during the ceremony.


Our bedroom was probably the first room we finished.  All of my furniture in this room was given to me by my mom and step-dad.  The whole set is at least 20 years old.  Matthew has a dresser that is a part of this bedroom set too, it’s just in the closet. (Yes, we have a closet big enough to fit both of our clothes, shoes, and a dresser!!)  Also, Pappi used to have a doggy bed but he destroyed it and ate half the stuffing so we are just letting him sleep on blankets for now until we can trust him again.

We have BIG plans for this room!  First, I want to paint the walls.  I want them to be a very light bluish gray.  And I want to put baseboards along the walls and paint those white.  I also want to paint the wood strip separating the wall from the ceiling white too.  Then I want to paint all of the furniture a medium gray.  After that is done, I’d like to purchase a nice, antique-looking, full length mirror and place that in the corner next to my dresser.  Eventually I would also love to hang up some more pictures and other decor on the walls.  I am getting so giddy just thinking about how the room will look when we are finished with it!

We have more important home renovations to do before we get started on the bedroom, so it’ll be awhile before we make any changes to this room.  But when it happens, I’ll be sure to post progress updates and after photos as well!

With Love,

Quiet Girl


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