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It’s that time of year, folks.  Time to bust out your fall decor!!  This was my first year buying fall decor!  Before this year I lived at home and then I lived in a small apartment.  The apartment did not have room to store seasonal decor so I held off on buying anything until I moved into a house.  Well, I am now in a house and I finally bought myself some fall decor!

Matthew and I have A LOT of necessary renovations in mind for our house, so I wanted to stick to our tight budget when it came to buying fall decor.  The first place I went to was Goodwill.  I found three adorable pieces for $1 each!  Then I went to the Dollar Tree and found 13 items for $1 each!!!  I bought 16 pieces of fall decor all for the total price of $16!  Then I splurged a little and bought a wreath from TJ Maxx for $25… but that’s still a pretty decent price for a wreath!


My decor style is neutrals.  I love browns, grays, whites, and tans.  When it comes to fall decor, I am obsessed with neutral or muted fall colors.  I am not into the bright reds and oranges, however I love the dark orange and brownish reds.  Something that is very trendy right now are cream colored fall decor.  With the creamy greens and whites/off-whites.  If that is what you are into, you probably won’t find that at a thrift store.  Stores that have adorable cream themed fall decor are Kirkland’s and Home Goods.  Their decor is absolutely adorable!!


  1. Figure out what colors go well with the theme of your house.  Bright colors and creams do not match my home decor, so I went with muted neutrals.
  2. Take note of what style is in/popular right now.  As I’ve already mentioned, cream fall decor is very in right now.  So that type of fall decor will most likely not be at thrift stores.  People are less likely to donate what’s currently popular.
  3. If you are like me and don’t want to buy what is currently popular, hit up the thrift stores!  You can find lots of adorable fall decor there for an incredibly low price!

My Fall Decor


Here is everything I bought from Goodwill and Dollar Tree.  I am obsessed with the candles.  They smell so delicious and look super cute on my candle holders that I got from Goodwill!


These little pumpkins were from Dollar Tree.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them as soon as I saw them…


I took off the clips on the bottom of the pumpkins and set them in my centerpiece!  Such a cute and subtle fall look.  The place-mat was from Dollar Tree too!


The pumpkins and candle were from Dollar Tree.  The glass leaf candle holder was from Goodwill.


Can you believe these glass white pumpkins were only $1 each!?  This is like something you’d find at Kirkland’s!  I. Am. Shook.


This candle smells absolutely A M A Z I N G.  And look at how cute the little leaf is!  Only $1!!


These little guys were from Dollar Tree.  Again, just $1 each!  I love the neutral colors!


This is the wreath that I got from TJ Maxx for only $25!!  Isn’t it adorable?  Most of their other wreaths were about $40.

I am so happy with my fall decor purchases this year!  I think everything looks so good despite being from thrift stores!  I hope you have a wonderful fall this year!

Happy Decorating!

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