What I Got For Christmas

Christmas was very odd this year.  I don’t know if it’s because the year went by so quickly, or if I was just too preoccupied with graduating, but I was not feeling the “Christmas Spirit” until, like, the week of Christmas.  It just didn’t feel like Christmas time was already here.  So now I’m kind of bummed that it’s all over because it went by so dang fast!

I did have such a wonderful Christmas though!  Matthew and I went to my dad’s house on the 22nd and celebrated Christmas there, then we celebrated at both his parent’s house and my mom’s house on the 25th.  I literally got home from work at 8:30 am, opened gifts and spend the morning with Matthew, took a 1.5 hr nap, went to the in-laws’, then straight to my mom’s, and finally got home past midnight.  It was a long yet oh so wonderful day!

I thought it would be fun to show a few of the gifts that I got for Christmas so that they can give you some ideas on what to give others whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday, an anniversary, etc.  I rounded up my most unique, thoughtful, and creative gifts and tried to narrow them down to my top 10.  It was so hard to pick out which gifts I wanted to feature in this post but I didn’t want to post ALL of my gifts because that would be too long and I’d have sections for the batteries and lighters I got.  So that being said, here are a few of my Christmas gifts I got this year!

Birthstone Necklace


This is my favorite gift I received this year.  It is not only beautiful, but it’s so thoughtful too!  Matthew ordered this necklace on Etsy.  He personalized it so that it had both of our birthstones!  My birthstone is citrine (November) and his is sapphire (September).  The necklace has a real raw-cut citrine on it, but it has lapis lazuli instead of sapphire because sapphire is very expensive.  I love how dainty the necklace is and will be wearing it all the time.



All of the ornaments I got this year were so personalized towards me and special!  The first ornament was from Matthew.  We have a Christmas tradition where we buy each other a new ornament each year and open them on Christmas Eve so that they are on our tree on Christmas day!  The ornament he got me this year is so neat!  It is from an old, burned antique Bible.  Some of the verses were salvaged, stripped out of the Bible, and put into this cute little ornament!  I love!!  The next two ornaments were from Anne, my mother in-law.  The first is a house that says “2018” at the top and “Christmas at Home” on the bottom.  It is so fitting because 2018 marks our very first Christmas in our own house!  The second ornament is an OSU sweater because I graduated from there earlier this month!

Snow Globes


Of course this list would not be complete if I didn’t include my snow globes!  The one on the left was from Matthew and has a little girl kissing a snowman, so cute!  The one on the right was from Carli, my sister-in-law, and has a cactus wearing a Santa hat and Christmas lights!  If you know me at all, then you know that this snow globe is perfect for me because I am obsessed with cacti!

Antique Iron and Keys


I love antiques.  My house has quite a few of them and I plan to buy many more!  The history behind them is fascinating and I just love how they look!  My dad got me this antique iron.  It looks so cool!  The keys are not an actual antique, but they look like they are so that’s why they are included in this post.



Ok, I know this isn’t especially “thoughtful” or “creative” but it is a very useful gift and one of my absolute favorites so here it is!  My old Keurig was getting on my nerves because it was 4 years old, so I was due for an upgrade!  Matthew bought this one that can froth milk and make lattes or cappuccinos!  I. Am. In. Love.  The coffee mug that says, “plant lady is the new cat lady”, was from Carli.  It is very fitting because I got a LOT of plants this year for Christmas.



Speaking of plants, Matthew got me these (plus more succulents and air plants) this year and they are so stinking cute!  The cacti are super unique and I have them sitting in the window sill above the kitchen sink so that I can look at them every day!  He also got me this adorable mister!!  It looks so neat!

Cactus Blanket


My dad got me this blush pink cactus blanket and oh my goodness it is one of the softest things I have ever touched!  It is huge!  Big enough to fit my queen sized bed!!  It has little cacti all over it and it is so me and so perfect.  I also LOVE the color.

National Parks Monopoly


This gift from my mom is so thoughtful!  Matthew and I have a goal to visit every national park and have already visited three together so far!  Also, we love a good game of Monopoly at my mom’s house, so this game is just perfect!  I’m coming for you, Matthew.  I’ll make you like Monopoly whether you want to or not!

I’m not sure how many gifts that was… If you put them into categories, like I did, and look at how many bolded sections I have, that’s eight.  But if you count each individual gift, it’s a bit more haha.  Oh well, let’s just say it’s ten.  I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Let me know if you’d like more stuff like this!  I can do, “What I got so-and-so for their birthday” or “What I got Matthew for our anniversary” just to give some inspiration and ideas as to what you can give to friends and family!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

With Love,

Quiet Girl


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