We Built a Pantry!

Both of my parents had pantries, so I never knew what it was like not to have one until Matthew and I moved into our house and OH BOY it is ROUGH not having a pantry!  We had to shove all of our food into random cabinets and it was not an ideal situation…

This is the second big project we have done to the house.  The first was building the hearth.  Both of these projects were done by my husband, Matthew.

As soon as we moved into our house, we knew exactly where we wanted the pantry to be.  We wanted it in this little area in the laundry room.  In our house, the laundry room is attached to the kitchen.  There isn’t a door that separates it from the kitchen (getting a large barn door to separate the two rooms is something else on our home renovation list).


Our first step for this project was to buy wood from Menards.  Menards is Matthew’s FAVORITE store.  After we bought the wood, Matthew brought it into the shed and got to work on building shelves.


Once the shelves were built and in place, he painted them white.  He then hooked up lights over each shelf.  After that he built the doors (from scratch!) and rigged the lights so that they automatically turn on when either of the doors are open, like a fridge.  That has to be my favorite part about the pantry!


We decided we wanted to paint the doors white and eventually paint the whole laundry room blue, so Matthew painted the doors, hooked them up to the door frame that he also built, and installed the door handles.  I picked out the door handles and love them!  They kind of have an old-fashioned, antique look to them which is my favorite type of style.

Once the doors were done, we went to Ikea and bought baskets and glass containers to make our pantry a little more organized.  The organization isn’t perfect but it is a million times better than putting all of our food into cabinets!  We have dog food, bird food, and drinks on the floor.  Breakfast foods and baskets of chips and breads are on the first shelf.  Candy, baking products, pasta, oils, potatoes, and onions are on the second shelf.  The third shelf is cans and other commonly used miscellaneous items.  And the top shelf is deep storage.  all of our containers were from Ikea and cost us $67.


And just like that, we have a pantry!  This project only cost us about $225 to do!  And we are so happy with how it turned out!  I love it and am so proud of my Matthew.  I’ll post more pics of the laundry room and pantry once the walls are painted blue!

With Love,

Quiet Girl


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