We Built a Coffee Table!


The project I’ve been most excited for is finally finished.  Matthew worked so hard on this for the past few weeks.  He built it from scratch.  And now I am so happy to say that we have our very first coffee table!




I have been wanting a coffee table for so long, but we never got around to buying one.  I also wanted a very large table because our sectional is pretty big.  But large coffee tables are so expensive!!

We found a table at IKEA that I really liked.  It was rustic and simple and large.  It was also $300…  Matthew looked at the table and said, “I can build that”.  I swear my heart skipped a beat when he said that.  This talented man sure makes me a happy gal!

We went to Menards and bought some wood, dark brown stain, and polyurethane.  We always go to the store together to buy materials for our projects.  We jokingly call it our “date night”.

Matthew only worked on the table while I was at work.  I work night shift so I am gone three nights a week from 6p-8:15a.  Those nights Matthew is home alone.  He doesn’t like to spend most of his time watching TV or playing video games.  Instead, he works on projects!

The four nights a week I am home, we try to spend as much time together as we can.  We explore random towns in Ohio, go to museums, go out to eat… We are so intentional with the time we spend together because I work some nights.  Because of this, sometimes our projects take a little bit longer than we initially anticipated, but we don’t mind because we’d rather spend our time together and go on dates when we can.

This project took Matthew about four weeks to finish.  And oh my goodness he did an astounding job!  The table looks even better than the one from Ikea! And it cost just as much too… Woops!  But it was so worth the money.  I am obsessed with the rustic look.  It looks so sleek and beautiful.

For the decor on top of the table, I have my orchid that Matthew got me for Valentine’s Day, a pink candle that matches the orchid, and glass coasters that each have a different layer of the brain.  My best friend, Katie, gave me those coasters a few years ago and they are perfect for me since I love psychology!  Everything is sitting on a cutout of the state of Ohio.  I bought that from the Ohio History Center in Columbus.  Matthew and I went there the other weekend and we had a blast!  We love museums and that museum was definitely worth seeing!

I love how the table turned out and the decor on top is so perfect for me.  If you have any questions on how we made the coffee table, feel free to comment below!  My husband will respond!  Now here are some pictures of the building process:




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