Our Improved Entertainment Center


This week’s home improvement update wasn’t built from scratch for once.  Instead, we took something we already had, and made it better!

When Matthew and I moved into our apartment, the only furniture we had were items that we brought from our parents’ houses.  We had a bed, dressers, couches, etc.  However, we did not have an entertainment center.

We were penny-pinching because we wanted to buy a house asap, so we decided to use what we already had as a temporary entertainment center.




I wasn’t a fan.  But it worked so we kept it.  It was awkwardly large and I was just dreaming of the day we’d have a regular sized entertainment center.

When we moved into our house, I immediately began many internet searches trying to find an entertainment center that I liked.  Nothing really spoke to me.  I didn’t like what I was seeing.

Then I had a wonderful idea, what if we just made our current entertainment center shorter?

So that’s what Matthew did!  He took out a shelf and made the whole thing smaller.  It makes the room feel so much bigger and I’m obsessed with the outcome!  I love the wood, the color, the details, the squares, and the shelves.  This is the entertainment center I always wanted and it was sitting in front of me the whole time!  And was free!!

Just shows that a little DIY can truly go a long way.




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