What I Do In A Day To Be Happier

Hello friends!  Today I am going to be sharing some ideas on how you can make yourself feel brighter and happier throughout your day.

I woke up feeling not too great this morning.  Allergens have arrived and attacked with full force.  I literally just laid on my couch until noon because I was feeling lazy and down.  I realized that today was one of those days where I would have to work in order to make myself feel happier.

1. Coffee (or Tea)

The first thing I did this morning was make myself a delicious cup of coffee.  Coffee is just so soothing to me and gives that nice little boost of energy for me to go about my day.

2. Open the Curtains

Next, I went around the house and pulled apart all the curtains.  Natural light just makes me feel so good.  And I love watching my plant babies thriving in the natural light that my house has.

3. Make the Bed


I always feel so good after making the bed!  It makes me feel so productive and put together.  Cleaning in general just makes me feel accomplished.  I love a clean house!

4. Plan Out My Week


After doing a little bit of cleaning and tidying up, I like to pull out my planner, sit down, and just plan out my week.  This week Matthew and I are going to Florida to celebrate his late uncle’s life.  I am excited to hang out with his family and join them in this celebration.  Planning out my week helps relieve me of stress and reminds me of what I have to look forward to.

5. Light a Candle


I am obsessed with candles.  Today I lit my favorite candle, which is pancake scented.  As you can probably guess, pancakes are my all-time favorite food.  I love when my house smells like warm buttery goodness!  Also, candles are so necessary when you have pets!

6. Self-Care

On days I’m feeling a little down, I like to indulge in some self-care.  That usually involves a bath, pampering myself, putting on makeup, getting dressed, or anything related to those.  Today I put on a face mask and did my nails.  I love this face mask that I used!  It is so easy to apply and just washes right off with some warm water.  I prefer masks that wash off rather than peel off because I don’t have to worry about pulling my hair!  I painted my nails a bright blue color to go with my dress that I’m wearing in Florida.

7. Read

I am currently reading a series that I am obsessed with!  It is the Circle Series by Ted Dekker.  I am currently on the third book in the series.  Ted Dekker is a Christian Sci-Fi/Fantasy author.  The Circle Series is packed full of Biblical allegories that includes the fall, the first sin, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and more!  I greatly enjoy reading these books and have read the first two just last month.  I am also super excited about another book I am going to read with Matthew.  It is called The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller.  I’ve heard wonderful things about this book.  It is a couple’s devotional type book.  Whether your marriage isn’t going too well or it is going great, you should always do devotions with your spouse along with doing some on your own!  It’s hard to remember to do them when life is going well, but they are still just as important then as they are when life beats you down.

8. Play With Pappi


The last thing I did today was play with my adorable pup.  I love to lay on the floor with him and cuddle, which always turns into wrestling.  He’s a goofball and puts a smile on my face.


I hope you all enjoyed these little steps you can take to make yourself happier throughout your day!  I am not a morning person so I always have to do at least one of these things to get me up and going (it’s usually coffee).  It is so important to recognize when you are down and that it’s up to you, not anyone else or life, to cheer yourself up.

I tried to keep this list broad enough so that you all can apply it in your lives, but also kept it personal to show what I did today and that I worked for me!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!




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