I Saw Olan Rogers in Chicago!

Hello Friends!  I am back at it again with another travel blog!

I did not think I’d be travelling that much this year but so far I have already gone to three different states!  Check out my Pennsylvania and Florida blog posts if you haven’t already!

This time I went to Chicago, Illinois with my older sister, Scarlett, and little brother, Talent.  We saw that one of our favorite YouTubers, Olan Rogers, was having a show at Chicago Improv and immediately bought tickets.

The trip was about six hours.  When we arrived in Chicago, we did literally the most touristy things you could do.

We ate Chicago-style deep dish pizza from a restaurant that originated in Chicago called “Giodarno’s”.  They actually recently opened up another restaurant right here in Ohio because it has been so successful in Chicago…YUM!  Let me just say that Chicago-style deep dish pizza is worth the hype.  It is the best pizza I have ever consumed.  I initially had my doubts that this pizza was as good as people claimed.  I assumed it would be like eating tomato sauce soup with a little bit of cheese and crust.  Boy was I wrong!!!  It is like three inches of thick delicious cheese, topped with a thin layer of sauce, on top of the most sublime crust.  So. Delicious.  I will say that even if you’re just a little lactose intolerant, like me, this will destroy you.  I was in so much pain after eating this meal.  Come prepared with some lactose pills and Tums!

After stuffing our bellies, we visited the Bean!  Getting a picture in front of the Bean is a must when you visit Chicago.  It is the most basic, touristy thing you can do, so obviously you have to get the pic for the Gram!  And trust me, we got plenty of pics!  But in all honesty, it was worth it and so much fun.  It was so cool seeing the city reflected on the Bean.

The Bean was in Millennium Park.  The two most noticeable things in the park were the Bean, obviously, and these two giant walls that had faces on them.  So incredibly random…and they made us slightly uncomfortable, so we did what anyone would do in this situation…took more pics!

Pretty much the only very touristy thing we did not do was visit the Willis Tower.  We were too short on time and all of us have a crippling fear of heights so it’s probably a good thing we weren’t able to go up there.

After we were done experiencing Chicago, we headed to the venue where we would see the Tennessee Wonder-child in the flesh.  I was beyond excited!!

We arrived at the venue, Chicago Improv, and were escorted to our seats.  It was general admission and many people were already sitting inside, yet somehow by some wonderful miracle, we were seated in the front row!!  We ordered food while we waited for the show to begin.

Olan was amazing! The show was hilarious and I’m so glad we got to go!  Afterwards there was a meet and greet and we got a picture with him and his signature.  I can’t believe we met the Master Commander!!

Overall, it was an amazing trip!  I love hanging out with my siblings and creating these wonderful memories with them.



If you don’t know who Olan Rogers is, here’s some of my favorite videos of his:




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