First Sunny Warm Day of 2019!

It is finally beginning to feel like spring here in Ohio!  Yesterday the sun was shining all day, the birds were chirping, and it got up to 72 degrees where I live.  Matthew and I took full advantage of the day and went on a walk around our property, rode bikes, and finished the day off with a bonfire.

Since I work nights, my body gets used to sleeping during the day.  So for my first few days I have off, it is very hard for me to get up in the morning.  Yesterday at around 10:30 am, Matthew jumped onto the bed, waking me up, and excitedly told me about how gorgeous it was outside.  That got me out of bed real quick!

After breakfast, we walked Pappi around our property.  Then we pumped up our bike tires, drove to a path, and rode for eight miles.  It was a beautiful day for a bike ride.  So many people were out on the path riding bikes, walking, and jogging.  It made me so excited for spring!

We came home and Matthew and Pappi took a short nap.  Then we had a bonfire in our backyard.  I love bonfires.  It’s an excuse to sit outside at night and just watch the stars.  We saw the International Space Station fly right over us.  A great end to a wonderful day.

Today has been just as beautiful so far, just a little more overcast, which I prefer over sunshine!  I finally got to wear my new dress from Amazon to church.  It is so cute with buttons on the front and pockets!  And the best part about this dress: it was under $20!  The dress is pictured above.

Matthew and I came home from church and saw a little downy woodpecker at our bird feeder.  It was so neat!  We currently have our windows open and are soaking in this warmth while it lasts… Because, let’s be honest, we live in Ohio so it’ll be snowing by next week (praying that’s NOT the case)!

Here’s a little video I put together.  It was recorded on April 6th, not the 4th, so just ignore the date on the video.  🙂


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