How to Sleep When Anxiety is Keeping You Awake

I usually can sleep anywhere, any time of day.  Last month I slept for 18 hours… (I work night shift so my sleep schedule is all over the place).  One of the biggest reasons why night shift works for me is that I can easily sleep all day and stay up all night, and then switch to a normal sleeping schedule at the snap of a finger.  The only thing that will occasionally keep me from sleeping is anxiety.

One of the biggest things that triggers my anxiety is change.  That can range anywhere from moving to working an extra shift.  I have every Saturday off work and Matthew and I always spend the whole day together.  Saturdays are typically our date days.  This weekend, however, Matthew is going to Tennessee for a work trip.  So, since I have nothing better to do, I picked up an extra shift at work on Saturday.

This is the first time Matthew and I will be apart.  It’s not a big deal, only three-ish days, but it’s change and my anxiety has been triggered.  I was not able to fall asleep last night until I tried a few of my tricks.


1. Pray.

The first thing I do anytime my mind is riddled with anxiety is pray.  I ask God to take my anxiety away and to give me strength to trust in Him and to remember that He has a plan and will take care of me.

2. Chamomile Tea.

This stuff is life changing!  Chamomile tea works amazingly whenever I drink it.  I just sip on it while I do my next tip, and I can feel my eyelids getting heavier every time.  I hardly ever manage to finish a cup of tea because I fall asleep so quickly.

3. Read the Bible.

After I’ve prayed and made my tea, I open my Bible and read.  I almost always go straight to Philippians, Psalm, or Proverbs.  Philippians has so many verses about anxiety, and Psalm and Proverbs are very short and just easy to read.

4. Cuddle.

If none of the above works for me, which has happened to me before, I wake Matthew up and he holds me in his arms as we lay next to each other.  I would feel bad waking him up, I still do, but he’s adamant that he wants me to wake him up so that he can be there for me.  Feeling his body warmth and being in his arms has always worked in helping me fall asleep.


So those are all the tips I have right now.  If you don’t have a Bible, then maybe pick up a book on anxiety and give it a read.  Any positive mental health book is a good investment!  (My psychology major is showing).  And dogs or maybe even cats can work for the cuddling tip if you aren’t married!  I hope these tips were helpful for those of you who are kept awake at night due to anxiety.  🙂


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