How I Decorated My Shadowbox

The day is finally here.  I finished my shadowbox!  It only took me about one and a half years to complete…  But it was worth the wait because I took my time to come up with something I truly love.  I have it hanging up above the calendar in our kitchen and it’s actually one of the first things you see when you walk into our house!

What I Wanted

I’ve always loved shadowboxes that are a little bit crazy.  They have something in every space inside the box.  Kind of like a collage.  I also didn’t want it all to be pictures.  I wanted some some actual items from our wedding to be displayed too.

What I Have in the Box

  1. Wedding and engagement pictures.
  2. Wedding cards.
  3. Garter.
  4. Handkerchief.
  5. Wedding day itinerary.

What Steps I Took to Decorate My Box

The very first things I added to my box were the pictures.  I picked out which photos I wanted and printed them out by using my sprocket.  I then picked out different paper for the background of some photos and hung them up on the little rope that came in the box.

After the pictures were hung, I picked out a couple items from my wedding that I thought would look cute in the box.  I grabbed my T handkerchief, garter, and itinerary.  All of these items were used on my wedding day.

Finally, I grabbed some cards that Matthew and I got on our wedding day.  I grabbed the ones that I thought were the cutest and matched the overall theme of the box.

I layered the items so you could see a little bit of everything and that’s how I created my shadowbox!




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