Vintage Market Days Finds

One of my favorite things to do is shop for antiques.  So when I saw that Vintage Market Days was going to be in Columbus, Ohio, I had to go!  Matthew and I usually make Saturdays our date days because we get very busy during the week, so we went to the Vintage Market Days together.  He also loves vintage shopping almost as much as me.

There was one thing Matthew and I really wanted to get: an antique chest.  I have been wanting a chest to use as a coffee table for so long.  We want to put one in our front room where the wood burning stove is so that we can open it up and store paper and cardboard in it for when we want to start a fire.  I searched for chests online, but I never found one that I truly loved.  I wanted an actual antique.  A chest that had history and was distressed/worn down.

Even though we were on a chest-finding mission, we still took our time looking at all the chipped and rusted goodies.  There were so many wonderful items!  Matthew actually found a camera he had been wanting.  It is a Canon AE-1 film camera.  On average, these cameras are worth about $150.  Matthew bought this camera, in great condition, with a lens filter, lens cap, and camera strap, for only $10!!  Such an amazing deal!  One of the many reasons why we love antique shopping.

After looking around for about an hour, we finally found it.  THE chest!  We love it!  It is the perfect height and width for a coffee table.  The top is flat so drinks and decor can be placed on the chest.  It also is a genuine antique from WWII!  We bought the chest for only $65!  It is hard to find any type of coffee table for that cheap.  This chest serves multiple practical purposes and looks so good in our front room.  The green color fits in perfectly with that room’s decor.  I am obsessed!

Matthew and I had a great time at Vintage Market Days and will definitely be going again.  I am in love with our vintage finds.  Matthew is already researching his new camera and looking for film to buy so he can take pictures with it!  It was a wonderful day spent with my husband.



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