I Never Thought I’d Love A Dog

I am a cat person.

Always have been, always will be. Cats are the cutest and most precious animals. I love their independence, their fierce and playful personalities, their independence, their lack of licking and slobbering, and their independence. Seriously though, it is such a pain going anywhere when you have a dog. You either have to bring them with you, which inconveniences others; shorten the amount of time you are away, which inconveniences you; or ask someone to take care of them, which inconveniences others again. Cats can be left at home for two days straight. As long as they have a sufficient amount of food, they are good. They don’t crave constant attention and they have a litter box.

You may be wondering why I even have a dog after reading that paragraph. I honestly never thought I’d want a dog. I am very sensitive to smells and dog breath used to literally make me throw up. I also gag/throw up when I am slobbered on or licked. I never thought I would want a dog…

My mom and dad both have dogs. I’ve noticed that my tolerance for dog breath and slobber has increased. I can play with their dogs and be completely fine. I still prefer cats, but I can definitely appreciate dogs for their playful personalities and loyalty.

Why I wanted a dog.

When Matthew and I began our search for a house, I decided that I wanted a dog. We wouldn’t be living in an apartment with close neighbors anymore, so I wanted a dog that would help me feel safe when I was home alone. I wanted a cat too, but Matthew is not a fan of cats so no felines for us (yet).

After our offer on a house had been accepted, we got a dog. His name is Pappi and you can read the story on how we got him here. It truly was the best case scenario! We brought Pappi home and I immediately fell in love. He is so precious!

Why I love my dog.

Pappi is an ideal emotional support animal. He is the laziest pup! He doesn’t add any chaos to my life, which is good for my anxiety. When I cry, he always comes up to me and rests his head on my chest. It immediately makes me smile. He can sense when I’m anxious. I know this because he becomes extra cuddly. Oh, and he loves to cuddle! He and I take naps together all the time. He likes to nuzzle his head between my neck and shoulder and put his front leg on my chest. It is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.

Pappi has been a huge blessing. He isn’t a registered emotional support dog, but I still refer to him as one because he truly does offer immense emotional support. I love him so much that I can get over his bad breath and drool. I just want to squeeze him always!

If you are considering getting an emotional support dog, I highly encourage you to do so! Pappi has done wonders for my anxiety! He’s my baby boy and I wouldn’t want any other pet. (I still want a cat though… fingers crossed that Matthew will change his opinion on cats one of these days like I have with dogs.)

Photos by Scarlett Sagraves Photography

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